Find Device or IP Address Using MAC Address

By Lavanya Rath on November 16, 2021

Just like how individuals are unique, devices are unique too! Not in a physical sense but by the way they identify themselves in a network. In other words, every device on a network has a unique address that helps with its identification. This unique address is called the IP address. What is the IP Address? […]

Find Password Expiration for Active Directory User

By Lavanya Rath on November 15, 2021

Active Directory is one of the most popular ways to handle user-related activities within an organization, including adding new employees, authentication, streamlining access to apps, deletion of past employee records, modifying access, and more. While handling these varied aspects of user management, network administrators may also face some issues or inconveniences. Though they are a […]

Best Ways to Transfer Large Files

By Lavanya Rath on September 22, 2021

Email attachments are the most preferred way to transfer files, but what happens when they exceed the limit imposed by email service providers? Well, as frustrating as it may be, the silver lining is that there are other ways to transfer large files to your recipients, and in this article, let’s look at some of […]

How to Decrypt SSL with Wireshark?

By Lavanya Rath on September 22, 2021

Encryption has become the de-facto feature of online security today. Almost every company and application seems to use it to encrypt their data to protect it from unauthorized access and manipulation. The encryption is often based on the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or the Transport Layer Security (TLS). While this is a great way to […]

How to Configure Cisco Switches?

By Lavanya Rath on September 4, 2021

Switches are an integral part of every network as they connect devices and enable them to communicate. There are two kinds of switches, namely unmanaged and managed. Unmanaged switches are plug-and-play devices that require no configuration. At the same time, they are suited only for basic connectivity, often in home networks or in places that […]

Active Directory Setup Guide

By Lavanya Rath on September 4, 2021

Directory services can be a critical component to managing your IT infrastructure. They connect users with the set of services available in a network and give IT admins granular control over who uses what within a network. A well-known directory service is Active Directory, introduced by Microsoft in 1999 as a part of its Windows […]

How to Fix Packet Loss?

By Lavanya Rath on August 31, 2021

Have you experienced patchy VoIP calls and slow-loading websites? Well, they could be because of something called packet loss. In this article, we will learn what packet loss is and how you can fix them with the right tools. Here is our list of the best free and paid tools to fix packet loss: SolarWinds […]

SNMPWalk Examples for Windows & Linux

By Lavanya Rath on August 31, 2021

Simple Network Management Protocol, or SNMP in short, is a framework used to manage a wide range of devices on the Internet. Typically, it monitors these devices and detects any problems or network faults in them. This Internet Standard protocol works on the Application layer of the OSI model and gathers details from applications that […]

9 Best File Integrity Monitoring Tools

By Lavanya Rath on August 31, 2021

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is an essential layer of your network’s defense mechanism as it helps to identify unauthorized access and malicious activities across your critical files. This way, it reduces the chances of insider attacks and prevents any unwanted or accidental changes to essential documents and files. Here is our list of the best […]

8 Best MongoDB Monitoring Tools

By Lavanya Rath on August 22, 2021

MongoDB is an open-source and cross-platform database that uses JSON-like schema for storing records. It has been a popular choice among developers because of its flexibility and scalability with queuing and indexing data. This document-driven NoSQL database is also a preferred choice for high-volume data. It uses collections and documents instead of tables and rows […]

10 Best Database Monitoring Tools

By Lavanya Rath on August 22, 2021

Databases are an essential asset of every organization. They contain critical data related to business operations, including the details of customers, employees, sales and marketing-related data, financial information, and more. If these databases crash or malfunction, it can impact the performance of all organization-critical applications that depend on them. Also, there’s a possibility for permanent […]