The Best PostgreSQL Monitoring Tools

By John Cirelly on August 17, 2022

PostgreSQL is becoming one of the most popular relational databases. You can see this by looking at its growth on DBengine or in the most recent survey of developers on StackOverflow. It is a popular open-source, and as with any other data storage solution, capturing metrics is crucial for making sure your database is reliable […]

The Best Ransomware Files Decryptors

By John Cirelly on August 17, 2022

When ransomware infects a computer, it will encrypt or lock sensitive user data such as bank account information, financial statements, and other similar files. They achieve this by utilizing a powerful encryption technique. They are now requesting payment from the owner to provide him with the decryption tool or process. Here is our list of […]

The Best Ransomware Scanners

By John Cirelly on August 17, 2022

The setting of your operating system has a significant impact on the ransomware protection system that is going to be the most effective for you. For instance, you need to make sure that the ransomware scanner is compatible with the operating systems that you are using on your websites and that it can communicate with […]

The Best OneTrust Alternatives

By John Cirelly on August 17, 2022

Are you looking for alternatives to OneTrust? The following companies are among the most significant rivals and alternatives to OneTrust: ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus, Netwrix, HR Cloud, BigID, BASIS ID, and Sovy GDPR Privacy Essentials. Examine a variety of leading GDPR compliance software that provides comparable benefits at costs that are comparable to one another. […]

Best ActiveBatch Alternatives

By John Cirelly on August 17, 2022

A centralized automation center is provided by the ActiveBatch Workload Automation system, which can be used to schedule as well as monitor the workload. It can orchestrate the whole technological stack. It provides connectors that require no coding as well as a low-code REST API adaptor. Because of its adaptable user interfaces, the solution may […]

The Best Oracle Backup Tools

By John Cirelly on August 17, 2022

Since Oracle databases come with an integrated backup and restoration service known as Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN), one would wonder why anyone would require a backup solution developed by a third party. RMAN is an excellent program that manages issues about tablespaces and operates within the database itself. It is more analogous to a backup […]

Graylog Vs Datadog

By John Cirelly on August 14, 2022

Graylog and Datadog are two technologies for monitoring your infrastructure that is currently accessible. Functionally, these two tools are not identical, but there is considerable overlap between their services. This post will explain the similarities and differences between these tools so that you may make educated purchasing selections. A network monitoring solution is any software […]

Graphite Vs Datadog

By John Cirelly on August 14, 2022

Which one, Graphite or Datadog, is a better choice? Comparing the available Business Intelligence Software products is an effective method for determining which one will serve your company’s needs best when it comes to BI software. The selection of monitoring software is a decision that must be carefully considered because of the significant bearing it […]

Graphanna Review & Alternatives

By John Cirelly on August 14, 2022

When reading about system monitoring tools, Grafana is frequently mentioned. You will encounter applications like Prometheus, Graphite, Icinga, and Sensu recommending Grafana as a user interface. Therefore, this is a versatile tool that can interface with many data sources. Grafana is more than simply an excellent interface for system monitoring tools. It may also provide […]

Forcepoint Next-Gen Firewall Review & Alternatives

By John Cirelly on August 14, 2022

A Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a network security solution that exceeds the capabilities of a stateful firewall. In the majority of situations, a conventional firewall permits stateful examination of incoming and outgoing network packets. It permits or prohibits network communication based on the source and destination IP addresses, port number, and protocol. Additionally, it filters […]

Forcepoint One Review & Alternatives

By John Cirelly on August 14, 2022

The technique that Forcepoint employs helps clients alleviate the load of administration caused by traditional point product approaches, simplify security operations by working with fewer suppliers, and save their expenses by a substantial amount. The authors of the Gartner report that was published on December 1, 2021, and titled “Predicts 2022: Consolidated Security Platforms Are […]

ManageEngine Applications Manager Vs Datadog

By John Cirelly on August 9, 2022

ManageEngine Applications Manager (APM) is designed to keep essential applications running at peak efficiency in all situations. Datadog is a monitoring service for cloud apps, servers, databases, tools, and services that is located on-premises and in the cloud and uses agents to monitor the infrastructure. In this article, we will discuss ManageEngine and Datadog along […]

Forcepoint SWG Review & Alternatives

By John Cirelly on July 30, 2022

Cloud services provide numerous benefits, but at the same time, it has raised the risk of online threats and assaults. Even with the best firewall solution, cyber attackers know how to make their way to enter your zone and access files and systems. To safeguard your online applications and data, each organization must set up […]

GlobalProtect Review & Alternatives

By John Cirelly on July 14, 2022

Businesses are expanding their reach by empowering mobile employees located in different parts of the world to access company data and apps using any device of their choosing. The present endpoint antivirus and Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies are incapable of preventing sophisticated threats. This is because users and apps are relocating to areas that […]

The Best USB Lockdown Software

By Lavanya Rath on June 10, 2022

Insider threats are broadly defined as threats that come from within the organization. Typically, these threats are due to disgruntled current and former employees who want to take “revenge” on the company. Sometimes, it can also be for gain, where these employees take money from competitors and pass on the organization’s secrets to them. These […]