10 Best CPU Temperature Monitors

By Ben Schultz on October 7, 2021

All PCs and servers in a network generate some heat. There should be no issue if the heat is around the average level. However, a computer processor is built from several components: CPU, GPU, motherboard, fans, etc. If the heating is continuous and higher than usual, it can become problematic and damage these components. The […]

8 Best SFTP Servers for Secure Server File Transfers

By Ben Schultz on October 6, 2021

Transferring files over the internet is the quickest way possible. However, it can also be quite risky, as the internet is filled with cybercriminals who are always hunting for crucial data to steal. If that happened, you would be devastated, especially personal data such as credit card information. Fortunately, there are many ways to transfer […]

9 Best Disk Cloning Software Suites

By Ben Schultz on October 6, 2021

You can’t tell when, but we all eventually come to the horrifying realization that all our computer systems can suddenly fail to operate at any point. This may lead to you losing your files if you do not have a reliable backup system. For this reason, we will talk about the concept of disk cloning, […]

13 Best Hardware Monitoring Tools

By Ben Schultz on October 5, 2021

Hardware monitoring software helps in the tracking and monitoring of how the hardware performs generally. This allows users to discover potential issues with their performance and then can resolve them. This visibility also helps users track changes that may arise over time from the operational capacity of the hardware. In addition, monitory elements such as […]

10 best PuTTY alternatives

By Ben Schultz on October 5, 2021

PuTTY is a terminal emulator. It enables you to log into another computer that may be on the same network. It might also do this over the internet. The basic program has no security, but you can combine it with SSH to add authentication and encryption to protect remote connections across the internet. The tool […]

9 Best Python Monitoring Tools

By Ben Schultz on September 23, 2021

Python is one of the most extensively used programming languages due to its simplicity and flexibility. It is compatible with a wide variety of programs and also works in correlation with other programming languages. Much of its ease-of-use stems from its easy understanding since it is more closely related to everyday languages. As a result, […]

Best Network Latency Tools

By Ben Schultz on September 23, 2021

One of the biggest challenges of network administrators is ensuring a fast and smooth connection with as few packet losses as possible. Here is our list of the best five network latency tools: SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor – FREE TRIAL An excellent tool for network monitoring where all needs of IT specialists will be fulfilled. […]

Best Ways to Transfer Large Files

By Lavanya Rath on September 22, 2021

Email attachments are the most preferred way to transfer files, but what happens when they exceed the limit imposed by email service providers? Well, as frustrating as it may be, the silver lining is that there are other ways to transfer large files to your recipients, and in this article, let’s look at some of […]

12 Best IP Scanners for Networks

By Ben Schultz on September 21, 2021

Network scanning helps identify loopholes and network vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited to harm your system. So, if you are a network manager or tester, network scanning can help you boost network security and reduce the chances of it being breached. Fortunately, you can now use IP scanners to make this process easier. In […]

9 Best File Integrity Monitoring Tools

By Lavanya Rath on August 31, 2021

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is an essential layer of your network’s defense mechanism as it helps to identify unauthorized access and malicious activities across your critical files. This way, it reduces the chances of insider attacks and prevents any unwanted or accidental changes to essential documents and files. Here is our list of the best […]

8 Best MongoDB Monitoring Tools

By Lavanya Rath on August 22, 2021

MongoDB is an open-source and cross-platform database that uses JSON-like schema for storing records. It has been a popular choice among developers because of its flexibility and scalability with queuing and indexing data. This document-driven NoSQL database is also a preferred choice for high-volume data. It uses collections and documents instead of tables and rows […]

10 Best Database Monitoring Tools

By Lavanya Rath on August 22, 2021

Databases are an essential asset of every organization. They contain critical data related to business operations, including the details of customers, employees, sales and marketing-related data, financial information, and more. If these databases crash or malfunction, it can impact the performance of all organization-critical applications that depend on them. Also, there’s a possibility for permanent […]

4 Best SIEM Tools for both Small & Large Organizations

By John Cirelly on July 4, 2021

As networks become larger and more complicated, the risk of a cyber-attack becomes more prevalent as businesses scale. Security Information and Event Management or SIEM tools help centralize and organize security events across all parts of the business. These systems help ensure best practices are being followed, configurations are correct, and alert admins as soon […]

Thumbnail image for Best Bandwidth Monitoring Software & Tools for Tracking Network Traffic Usage

Best Bandwidth Monitoring Software & Tools for Tracking Network Traffic Usage

By NMS Admin on January 19, 2020

Today we’re going to List & Review the Best Bandwidth Monitoring Tools, Software and Utilities on the Market to ensure your keeping track of Internet and Network usage in your business and networks. Being able to track your internet usage is a critical task that network and IT professionals need to be able to perform. […]

Thumbnail image for 4 Core Compute Options with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

4 Core Compute Options with Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

By DAVID VARNUM, CCIE, VCP, MCSE+ on July 24, 2019

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) may not be as common of a household name as Amazon Web Services (AWS), but that’s rapidly changing. GCP is one of the “big three” public cloud providers in the market, along with AWS and Microsoft Azure. GCP is riding on top of one of the largest networks in the globe […]