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10 Best File Integrity Monitoring Tools

By Lavanya Rath on August 31, 2021

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is an essential layer of your network’s defense mechanism as it helps to identify unauthorized access and malicious activities across your critical files. This way, it reduces the chances of insider attacks and prevents any unwanted or accidental changes to essential documents and files. Here is our list of the best […]

8 Best MongoDB Monitoring Tools

By Lavanya Rath on August 22, 2021

MongoDB is an open-source and cross-platform database that uses JSON-like schema for storing records. It has been a popular choice among developers because of its flexibility and scalability with queuing and indexing data. This document-driven NoSQL database is also a preferred choice for high-volume data. It uses collections and documents instead of tables and rows […]

10 Best Database Monitoring Tools

By Lavanya Rath on August 22, 2021

Databases are an essential asset of every organization. They contain critical data related to business operations, including the details of customers, employees, sales and marketing-related data, financial information, and more. If these databases crash or malfunction, it can impact the performance of all organization-critical applications that depend on them. Also, there’s a possibility for permanent […]