9 Best File Integrity Monitoring Tools

by Lavanya Rath - Last Updated: September 1, 2021

Best File Integrity Monitoring Tools

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) is an essential layer of your network’s defense mechanism as it helps to identify unauthorized access and malicious activities across your critical files. This way, it reduces the chances of insider attacks and prevents any unwanted or accidental changes to essential documents and files.

Here is our list of the best File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) tools:

  1. SolarWinds Security Event Manager (SEM) – FREE TRIAL This centralized FIM tool has advanced log management features that track and analyze your file system’s access and display the results in an intuitive dashboard. Get a 30-day free trial.
  2. Datadog Security and Compliance Monitoring Continuously monitors files and their access and configurations to provide an additional layer of security for your organization.
  3. ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Handles log management, auditing, and IT compliance to provide insights into potential threats, so you can stop them before they turn into a full-fledged attack.
  4. Netwrix Auditor Detects security threats, proves compliance, and increases IT efficiency.
  5. Qualys FIM A cloud-based tool that specializes in monitoring integrity violations across your entire network in real-time, so you can address issues before they spiral out of control.
  6. OSSEC A popular open-source intrusion detection system, and it also comes with advanced file integrity monitoring.
  7. Trustwave Endpoint Protection Another comprehensive cloud-based security solution that delivers integrated protection against malware and other attacks on file systems.
  8. Tripwire A FIM that does not only generates alerts but also provides actionable intelligence that would make it easy to address the issue.
  9. Samhain File Integrity This host-based intrusion detection system combines file integrity monitoring with log file monitoring and analysis to give you a comprehensive view of the state of security within your organization.

File integrity monitoring tools and practices significantly reduce shutdowns to a system by identifying the possible threats, so the same can be mitigated at the earliest.

Another advantage of implementing FIM within your organization is compliance. For organizations that store or process credit card payments, FIM is a mandatory requirement to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). For other industries, FIM is a requirement for many different standards as well.

The easiest way to implement FIM within your organization is to use tools geared specifically for this purpose. And this is also a challenge given the many tools that are available in this space today. While choosing an FIM tool, make sure to run through its features to see if it’s a good fit for your organization. This is more important if you have hybrid environments, custom programs and operate on limited resources as you don’t want the FIM solution to take up all your resources.

Based on these aspects, we came up with the lightweight choices outlined above that work well across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Let us now explore the features of each of these tools to understand what is a good fit for your organization.

The Best File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) Tools

1. SolarWinds Security Event Manager – FREE TRIAL

SolarWinds Security Event Manager

SolarWinds Security Event Manager is a lightweight and affordable security solution that watches out for any suspicious activity 24X7 and alerts you in real-time, so you can respond accordingly to reduce their impact.


Here’s a look at the features of SolarWinds SEM.

  • Automates compliance management with continuous risk management and monitoring
  • Provides real-time and actionable insights from logs to handle security risks
  • Audits logs on Azure AD to improve security practices
  • Comes with advanced bot capabilities to provide situational awareness
  • Provides centralized log management for granular control over file access
  • Prevents cross-site scripting attacks
  • Uses advanced cyber threat tools to protect your network
  • Comes with database auditing tools to protect your databases from attacks
  • Protects sensitive information present in files
  • Tracks file and directory access
  • Uses a file integrity checker to detect malware threats
  • Meets compliance standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, NERC CIP, and more
  • Comes with monitoring templates that can be customized to meet your needs
  • It can be set up with minimal configurations on Windows OS
  • Works well on individual nodes as well as on connector profiles
  • Allows you to customize the access criteria for your files and folders
  • Keeps track of file changes in an intuitive dashboard
  • Sends alerts when unusual file changes occur

Pricing: Starts at $2,613 – see https://www.solarwinds.com/security-event-manager/registration

Download: You can test-drive SolarWinds Security Event Manager for a fully functional 30-day free trial.

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2. Datadog Security and Compliance Monitoring

Datadog Security and Compliance Monitoring

Datadog’s security and compliance monitoring continuously stays on top of misconfigurations, file and folder access, and compliance drifts to ensure that you have an additional layer of security besides meeting the compliance requirements.


Below are the salient features of Datadog Security and Compliance Monitoring.

  • Identifies misconfigurations that can compromise your security
  • Sends notifications to the concerned people in case of vulnerabilities
  • Helps engineers to address security issues proactively
  • Provides end-to-end visibility on cloud environments
  • Tracks all cloud-native resources such as storage buckets, load balancers, and Kubernetes
  • Identifies compliance drifts and raises alerts right away
  • Discovers all assets and their configurations
  • Ensures continuous compliance
  • Collects local configuration from servers and containers
  • Comes with easy and custom governance policies
  • Integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring

Pricing: Datadog offers many pricing plans. For example, its Infrastructure plan offers three editions such as:

  • Free – $0
  • Pro – $15 per host per month
  • Enterprise – $23 per host per month

When it comes to log management, the Ingest starts at $0.10 per ingested GB, and the Retain or Rehydrate plan starts at $1.70 per million log events per month.

The APM and Continuous Profiler plan starts at $31 per host per month for just the APM and $40 for both the APM and Continuous profiler.

The real-user monitoring starts at $15 per 10k sessions per month, the database monitoring starts at $70 per database host per month, and incident management begins at $20 per user per month.

Download: Click here to start a 14-day free trial.

3. ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

EventLog Analyzer is a log management, auditing, and IT compliance tool that provides an insight into the potential threats within an organization, so you can address them before they turn into an attack.


Here’s a look at the features of ManageEngine’s EventLog Analyzer.

  • Correlates log data with 30 predefined rules for extensive coverage
  • Collects analysis and manages log data from over 700 sources
  • Audits log data from perimeter devices as well
  • Detects data thefts and attacks at the earliest
  • Reduces the chances of downtime
  • Comes with a custom log parser to quickly find the information you want
  • Exports comprehensive compliance reports to other formats
  • Comes augmented with threat intelligence
  • Process log data at the rate of 25,000 logs per second
  • Conducts quick forensic analysis to reduce the impact of a breach
  • Automatically raises tickets in help desk consoles
  • Speeds up incident resolution

Pricing: Contact the sales team for a custom quote.

Download: Click here for a free download for a limited time.

4. Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is a comprehensive tool for detecting security threats and improving compliance with standards. It also increases the overall efficiency of IT teams and optimizes IT operations.


Some of the well-known features of Netwrix Auditor are:

  • Identifies gaps in your monitoring and infrastructure to help you fix them at the earliest
  • Ensures timely detection of threats
  • Its automated actions increase the accuracy of investigations
  • Acts as a centralized platform to provide all the information you need regarding security
  • Provides a consolidated audit trail
  • Mitigates weak spots within the organization
  • Automates data discovery and classification
  • Generates alerts on threat patterns
  • Improves the detection of sophisticated threats
  • Helps to handle operational challenges related to security

Pricing: Click here to request pricing.

Download: Click here for a 20-day free trial.

5. Qualys FIM

Qualys FIM

Qualys FIM is a cloud-based tool that detects violations on file integrity and alerts accordingly. All this is done in real-time to give you the best opportunity to protect your critical files and objects.


Below are the salient features of Qualys FIM.

  • Comes with out-of-the-box monitoring profiles
  • Complies with PCI DSS specifications
  • Automatically generates alerts to kickstart the remediation process
  • Continuously monitors files and registries
  • Captures critical events and sends them to the Qualys Cloud Platform for analysis and display
  • Enriches event data with Threat Intelligence to give you a comprehensive idea of the problem
  • Makes it easy to scale up or down depending on your business requirements
  • Provides unified security capabilities
  • Uses a real-time detection driver to monitor changes, so the performance impact is minimized
  • Works well across diverse on-prem and cloud environments
  • Captures advanced insights into the file changes, including the users who made the changes
  • Can be used on both Windows and Linux systems
  • Whitelists security patches and authorized changes
  • Easy to export to the ELK stack for further correlation
  • Reports vis native Splunk integration

Pricing: Contact the sales team for a custom quote.

Download: Click here to start a free trial.



OSSEC is an open-source host intrusion detection system with file monitoring capabilities and other advanced features, especially in its advanced version.


Some of the well-known features of OSSEC are:

  • Comes with extensive configuration options to meet your security needs
  • Enables you to add custom rules and scripts to describe the actions for each event. They will be triggered when the programmed event occurs
  • Works well across multiple platforms such as Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Windows, Mac, and Vmware ESX
  • Helps to meet compliance requirements such as PCI DSS
  • Detects unauthorized file system changes and sends alerts accordingly
  • Identifies malicious behavior quickly so that you can remediate them at the earliest
  • OSSEC+ version offers advanced capabilities such as machine learning, real-time community threat sharing, ELK stack, and more

Pricing: Both OSSEC and OSSEC+ are free, but the latter requires you to register. If you need advanced features and enterprise-level monitoring, opt for Atomic OSSEC for Enterprise.

Download: Click here to download OSSEC.

7. Trustwave Endpoint Protection

Trustwave Endpoint Protection

Trustwave Endpoint Protection is a cloud-based monitoring solution that provides integrated file monitoring and simplified compliance management for organizations of all sizes.


Here’s a look at Trustwave Endpoint Protection’s FIM capabilities.

  • Checks for additions and deletions in sensitive files
  • Monitors modifications in stored data
  • Indicates the presence of malware and other malicious programs within a network
  • Informs users of unauthorized access to files and applications
  • Reduces costs for organizations as it is an end-to-end solution
  • Handles configuration and monitoring of all assets
  • Generates advanced reports
  • Audits what file resources were changed
  • Meets compliance needs and auditing requirements
  • Complements and extends FIM to include SIEM

Pricing: Contact the sales team for a quote.

Download: Click here to get started.

8. Tripwire File Monitoring System

Tripwire File Monitoring System

Tripwire’s FIM capabilities not just identifies changes to the file system but also adds business context to the data to make it intelligent and actionable.


The features of Tripwire’s FIM are:

  • Focuses on the root cause of problems for quick resolution
  • Addresses trouble spots with actionable intelligence
  • Provides deep insights into the issue
  • Validates whether a change is a planned one to save time for you
  • Reduces your signal to noise ratio
  • Continuously captures file changes in real-time, so the chances for a miss is meager
  • Its advanced automation capabilities reduce workload for organizations
  • Integrates with existing ticketing solutions
  • Its automated alerts trigger user-tailored responses when changes reach a severe state
  • Integrates well with your existing security controls
  • Makes it easy to manage the overall infrastructure of your organization

Pricing: Click here to get a quote.

Download: Click here to schedule a demo.

9. Samhain File Integrity

Samhain File Integrity

Samhain File Integrity is a host-based intrusion system that comes with advanced capabilities for file integrity monitoring and log file monitoring and analysis.


Here’s a look at the features of Samhain’s FIM.

  • Its client-server architecture supports central logging and storage of information for better analysis and control
  • Comes with a web-based management console to monitor client and server activity
  • Supports flexible logging across multiple applications, each of which can be configured differently
  • Offers PGP-signed database and configuration files
  • Supports a stealth mode
  • Comes with rootkit detection, port monitoring, detection of rogue SUID executables, and more to protect your file system from unknown attacks

Pricing: 100% FREE

Download: Click here to download Samhain.


To conclude, file integrity monitoring systems are an essential part of your organization’s security as they ensure that your sensitive files and the information contained in them are safe from insider and outside attacks. Therefore, it is an essential layer of defense in your organization’s security and is indispensable for every organization.

We have listed down some of the best FIM tools in this post, and we hope these help you decide the appropriate tool for your organization’s needs.