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NetworkManagementSoftware.com has a Dedicated team of Staff, Contributors and Authors who are Industry Professionals and enjoy writing in their Spare time!

We’ve invited many of these IT Pro’s to help with writing Tutorials, Reviews, How-To Guides and Commentaries on many subjects in the Network Management Realm!

Authors, Contributors & Staff

Below you’ll find some of the IT Experts and Engineers who have helped us make this site what it is.

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Aaron Leskiw

Aaron has worked in a range of IT roles, from server and network support, to workstation administration, consulting and service management. He currently works as a network architect and consultant with the Education sector.

When not madly pounding on keyboards, he can usually be found racing sailboats, or riding his motorcycle on the back roads of Vancouver Island.

Brenna Miles
David Davies
David Davis, CCIE, VMware vExpert
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David Varnum

Network Professional with following certifications under his belt: CCIE Data Center #45880, AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate, CCNP RS, CCDP, Open SDN Certified Associate (OSCA), VCP4, MCSE+ Security 2K3

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Steve Occhiogrosso

I am currently a sr. network engineer for a large retail company, prior to that I was a sr. network network engineer for a few managed services providers (MSP) designing, configuring, and troubleshooting customer networks, prior to that I spent 4 years as a network analyst for a public safety entity. I’ve got over 7 years of experience in the IT field. I work with everything from Microsoft servers to VMWare ESX/ESXi, from Cisco switches and routers to WLCs and ASA’s. I have my hand in many different cookie jars to ensure everything is working properly as it should, even if that requires me to get in the trenches and filter through event logs, debug logs, packets captures, or RF recordings. If their is a problem I will get to the root cause of it.

Michael MacPherson

Michael is a freelance IT contractor with a background in many IT disciplines. He’s worked with government at all levels, companies of all sizes, and in one of the most rigourous of IT sectors, the Financial sector.