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Best Network Software

by Brenna Miles - Last Updated: December 22, 2022

Looking for the perfect Network Software for your business?

It’s out there – especially as 2023 rolls in and technology soars to an all-time high!

How do you sort through the sea of options?

What will work best for your company’s size, requirements, and budget?

We have rounded up the best of the best the software world has to offer.

When selecting our top picks, there were a few must-haves we used to judge by. The initial installation is critical, as is the user-friendliness of the interface. Reporting when using the software to manage your delicate networks should be relatively easy, allowing organizations of any size to see potential threats. And finally, cost is always important.

What is Network Software?

If you know you need network software but are in need of a little bit of clarity – we understand. Network software is used to monitor and manage an organization’s network to keep it healthy and working properly. The software can help you detect warning areas and analyze your network for speed, accuracy, and security. Even a little bit of downtime – thanks to a faulty network – can cause a business to crumble in security, revenue, and productivity.

Understanding the importance of network management software, here are our top picks for 2023.


Atera Dashboard

Atera offers all of the software that a managed service provider (MSP) needs this includes remote monitoring and management (RMM) systems. These tools include a live network monitor.

The service is a cloud-based system that requires agents to be installed on-site. The network agent acts as an SNMP Manager and gathers reports from device monitors that are built-in by the manufacturer.

The live network monitor uses throughput information reported by the device agents to plot a throughput graph. The network monitoring dashboard is colorful and easy to read.

One section of the dashboard shows a list of alerts. These relate to two sources of analysis. The first of these is a problem detected by one of the device agents. The second is a series of performance thresholds that are placed on the metrics that Atera gathers.

The performance thresholds are set at levels so that technicians have time to fix gathering problems before the network performance impairment is noticeable by the users.

The alerts can be sent to technicians as emails, so the operators don’t have to pay any attention to the network monitoring screen, they only need to look at a specific client’s network if an alert is raised. This mechanism makes it possible for one technician to manage many networks simultaneously.

Atera is a subscription service with three plan levels. Prices are set for monthly or yearly payments with the annual payment plan working out cheaper per month. You can get a free trial to assess Atera.

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ManageEngine RMM Central – FREE TRIAL

ManageEngine RMM Central

ManageEngine RMM Central is a comprehensive yet flexible remote management platform that caters to enterprise and MSP environments.

Key features:

  • Easy deployment
  • Automated alerts and remediation
  • Native remote access and troubleshooting tools

RMM Central is a scalable and automated solution that combines network, asset, and patch management. With RMM, administrators can easily deploy agents to scan and collect data from all endpoints and infrastructure devices on their network.

Deployed agents collect live metrics and monitor network conditions 24/7. Administrators can choose from various monitoring templates or create their own custom ones, which is useful for organizations with their own service level agreements (SLAs) or managed service providers (MSPs) looking to maintain high client satisfaction.


  • Ability to silently install and uninstall applications and patches while the user works
  • Easy scheduling of patch management and other automated maintenance tasks
  • Various monitoring and reporting templates are available


  • Smaller organizations may not need all the MSP-related features offered in RMM Central

RMM Central is easy to deploy and use, with sleek reporting dashboards and intuitive features. It also has automated alerts and remediation capabilities, as well as native remote access and troubleshooting tools. RMM Central can silently install and uninstall applications and patches while users work, and allows for easy scheduling of patch management and other automated maintenance tasks.

You can get a free trial to assess ManageEngine RMM Central.

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Known for being an all-around great solution for network software, LogicMonitor has most of what you need.

The software is quickly installed, using its LogicMonitor Collector to collect your network devices automatically. It almost immediately begins to monitor those devices using an interface that is both comprehensive yet easy to digest.

The dashboard is easy to customize to fit specific business needs. Each metric including disc space usage and network packet rates are in drag-and-drop widgets that can be placed anywhere on the dashboard for easy viewing.

When it comes to reporting, LogicMonitor has the ability to alert whoever is responsible for certain security or network problems, without your help. Reports can be built on any measure and saved into folders for easy access.

However, you must know what you are looking for to properly use the reporting module. For beginners, the reporting module may not be the best option.

LogicMonitor’s pricing varies depending on the tier that you choose.

There are three tiers including Starter, Pro, and Enterprise, each including their own quote process, data retention, and levels of storage. Upfront pricing is unavailable, and you must call LogicMonitor to get a quote for the service you need.

LogicMonitor’s interface is easy to use and completely customizable, with an easy way to measure each metric you will need. Pricing is available for any size of business and organization, as well as a 14-day free trial for new users. Even though the reporting module is difficult to use, LogicMonitor still receives one of the highest scores on our list: four out of five stars.

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Datadog has made it to our list due to its easy-to-use interface and reporting modules.

Installing can be a bit hectic to get started, however, which may cause a lag in your network monitoring efforts.

Datadog gives you access to two different types of dashboards including TimeBoards and Screenboards. TimeBoards are great for troubleshooting network problems while ScreenBoards are perfect for showing status. You have major flexibility here for what you choose to view on the interface.

Datadog focuses on real-time monitoring, so a traditional reporting method isn’t available.

However, Datadog has capabilities for analysis that are more than traditional, even offering a way to create a query based on specific criteria. There isn’t a way to print or export these reports for safe-keeping though.

Datadog’s pricing is great at only $15.00 per month with a 14-day free trial of the software.

However, other costs may add up depending on what you currently have on hand. You must have a software agent installed first, prior to using Datadog. If you don’t, you will need to purchase one which could cost you up to two-hundred-dollars.

Datadog has been rated a three-and-a-half out of five stars for its easy-to-use functionality and analysis.

However, with its learning curve and lack of traditional reporting, it loses some points in our book. It is still a great choice for small businesses looking to be alerted when the network experiences trouble or large companies who already have the IT necessary to use the automation tools.

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There you have it – the perfect mix of network management, easy-to-use interface, and pricing for all your network needs. While there are other great tools available, these are three of the best on the market for 2023.

Still not convinced?

Please be sure to check out our other reviews to find the best network monitoring software for your business.