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New Software Release: dopplerVUE 2.1 from Kratos Networks

by Aaron Leskiw, CCDA, CCNA, MCSE, ITILv3, MCSA, A+ - Last Updated: July 27, 2010

A new version of the dopplerVUE network management system was released last week by Kratos Networks. dopplerVUE is aimed at “business-class” users, and includes features like automated discovery and mapping, as well as fault and performance monitoring. The new version includes enhancements to dopplerVUE’s application monitoring abilities.

The new application monitoring focus in dopplerVUE 2.1 includes monitoring centers, which help manage some of the most cricital businesses applications: Microsoft Exchange, IIS, and SQL server. The monitoring centers provide a customizable, dashboard-style display to help make it easier to identify and fix problems.

Mike Smith, General Manger of Kratos Networks, explains the focus of the new version:

“Application problems are often the single largest source of downtime for users, dopplerVUE’s Monitoring Centers provide detailed information about the overall health of an application, including its hardware and software dependencies to help IT managers ensure uptime and increase productivity and end-user satisfaction.”

The press release goes on to describe additional features in the new version:

“dopplerVUE 2.1 also enables users to manage networks from the web with a thin client web version that requires no system configuration. The web client runs on any browser providing Linux and other non-Windows® users with the ability to manage their IT infrastructure. Additional new features include an enhanced inventory list view that lets the IT/network manager display any metric and create dynamic group filters, new processor and logical disk views, HTTPS polling support and enhanced auto detection and classification of new server types.”

Kratos also recently released a new version of their enterprise-class management system called NeuralStar 9.6. NeuralStar is designed to help large enterprises collect information from multiple monitoring systems in a single application.

We’ll put dopplerVUE through the paces soon and report back on the results, so check back for the full review here at networkmanagementsoftware.com.

A free 30-day download of dopplerVUE is available from the Kratos website.