Getting You and Your Network Ready for Cisco Live!

by NMS Admin - Last Updated: June 16, 2020

It is time to put your network aside and head to San Diego for a week. Why? Because it’s almost time for Cisco Live!

From June 7 to 11, all the network gurus, geeks, nerds and experts will be in attendance.

If you are going to be there this year, here are a few tips for you and your network.

Of course, the network comes first.

While you are away:

There are times when you can’t do two things at once, like when you are attending a technical session or maybe when you are watching Aerosmith perform live.

And at that point, WHO CARES about the network and its troubles?

To remedy potential network issues we recommend setting up an escalation matrix – mark out who owns what, who has to be in the know, and who takes over when an issue is pending for more than a stipulated period of time.

With an escalation matrix in place, your team will know what to do when there is trouble and not just hit the panic button.

Here are 10 Best Practices to Streamline Network Monitoring.

Winds of Change:

You are away for the week and this might also be the time when newbies learn. “Config changes? I can do that.” And there goes your Internet access.

Protect your network against unauthorized, unscheduled, or erroneous configuration changes that can lead to disastrous downtime. We recommend a Network Configuration and Change Management (NCCM) tool and just happen to have one you can try! Download a Fully-Functioning Free 30 day trial>>

Or, if you are wondering if your NCCM plan is fine, check out “Practitioners Guide to Improving Network Device Configuration & Change Management

Murphy’s Law:

In spite of all your preparations, the network and your team may need your help troubleshooting if something goes wrong.

For such situations there’s Engineer’s Toolset – with 60 Must Have Network Tools Including Monitoring, Diagnostic, Discovery, Configuration, SNMP, and Cisco® Management Tools.

Plus examples of what you can do with it:

Reserve your sessions:

Cisco Live! might appear to be a technology overload for anyone who has not done their homework.

With more than 750 sessions, catering to different technical levels, how would you know where you have to be?

And what if you end up finding that the session is already full? So, reserve seats at sessions you would love to attend:

World of Solutions:

250+ exhibitors showcase their products and solutions that can help make your network better.

While you can stroll through every booth in the 4 days you have, study the booth layout and find those special ones who cater to both technology and fun, like @Solarwinds with the Head Geek team of @ferventgeek and @leonadato.

The Social Media Hub:

Cisco runs a social media hub which gives you an opportunity to meet industry practitioners you had been interacting with over social media and even Cisco’s social media staff in person.

The arrival Tweetup is a good day to start with.

Evenings at San Diego:

Why throw away your evenings when you have those beautiful beaches and even more nearby.

So, plan your stay, evenings and everything else including choosing a hotel not too far from the convention.

Aerosmith aka Customer Appreciation Event: Yea, you read it right. Aerosmith would play at the Customer Appreciation Event this year.

So if you were planning to skip the last day and catch an early flight back home. Hold it. This is one party you shouldn’t miss.

Been there, done that.

Alright, time to pack your bags. Have a great week at Cisco Live!