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Free Network Management Guides & Whitepapers

Mainframes to AI: How is IPAM helping simplify modern networking needs?

ManageEngine OpUtils Mainframes to AI Whitepaper“Today, manual IP address management is no longer sustainable. With changing technology requirements and business goals, modern IT infrastructures face various complexities, including network sprawl, inefficiencies, security vulnerabilities, and reduced visibility.”

– Sharon A Ratna, Solutions Expert

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FREE IDG Survey Brief: Network Management Costs Overshoot User Needs

IDG-whitepaper_IT-Network-Management-survey_200x259“More than half of survey respondents said their organization’s current network management or monitoring solution includes capabilities and/or features they do not need or use.”

— IDG Quick Pulse Survey Findings

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Network Management Software Buyer’s Guide

NMS Buyers Guide ThumbNetwork management systems range from free, open‐source tools, to complex and pricey applications. Balancing the trade‐offs between price, features, and user preference can be challenging.

To help with this challenge, Networkmanagementsoftware.com conducted a comparative study. Six different solutions were reviewed: Open NMS®, SolarWinds, WhatsUpGold, Dartware, ManageEngine®, and Apparent Networks Pathview Cloud.

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FREE 8-day Educational Course for Network Admins

free-network-course Get the email course and access to a free online study group to help you master these advanced techniques for network monitoring.

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NetFlow Tips & Tricks

SW netflow whitepaper thumbNetwork bandwidth usage is one of the biggest contributors to your network performance. By taking advantage of the flow technology that is built into most routers and switches, you can quickly identify bottlenecks and troubleshoot bandwidth related problems.

Read this whitepaper for an introduction to NetFlow & other flow technologies, as well as configuring your network to collect flow data.  You’ll also learn about:

  • Troubleshooting network issues
  • Anomaly detection
  • Tracking cloud performance
  • Monitoring the impact of BYOD traffic
  • Monitoring Quality of Service (QoS) and Type of Service (ToS)
  • Capacity Planning
  • And more…

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A Guide to Ensuring Perfect VoIP Calls

10KeyFactorsVoIP environments are susceptible to network disruptions and even worse network downtime. Monitoring every piece of a VoIP environment means monitoring network performance, security, bandwidth and the threshold KPIs of jitter, latency, packet loss, MOS and R-value scores.

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Rightsizing Your Network Management Solution

rightsizing_your_network_performance_management_solution-ssThis free white paper discusses challenges encountered as organizations search for the most cost-effective network performance management solution for their network.

Some of the challenges discussed include:

  • How do I achieve balanced objectives of feature/function capabilities matched with cost effectiveness?
  • How do I find a solution that keeps pace with changes in the managed environment and the organizations they serve?
  • Should I select an enterprise class network or systems monitoring platform solution with all the bells and whistles? Or will this choice be overly complex for my needs?

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ROI for IPAM Solutions in Small-Mid Sized Enterprise Environments

When an organization is small, managing IP address space is typically managed with paper and pencil or in an Excel® spreadsheet. However, as a network grows and more frequent changes are being made, the IP address schema becomes complex and requires closer monitoring. This is where an IPAM solution becomes ideal.

In this white paper, you’ll read about:

  • The business case for centralized IP address management
  • How an IPAM solution can help you avoid costly, manually introduced errors
  • 3 case studies on organizations that have implemented IPAM solutions
  • ROI benefits of IPAM solutions

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10 Metrics to Monitor in the LTE Network

10KeyFactorsThe deployment of LTE increases dependency on the underlying network, which must be closely monitored in order to avert service-impacting events. In addition, the rise of vendor-specific performance management platforms establishes barriers to end-to-end network visibility and hinders operational troubleshooting. The following whitepaper highlights ten critical metrics for successful monitoring of an LTE network and recommends solutions to LTE monitoring challenges.

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ROI for NCM Solutions in Enterprise Environments

This white paper discusses how to save time and money and improve operational efficiency with network change and configuration management (NCCM) solutions.
Here you’ll read about:

  • Numerous examples of how ROI can be achieved from implementing an NCCM.
  • How NCCM solutions can move you from unstructured/chaotic/reactive practices to more disciplined/proactive practices, saving you time and money.
  • 4 case studies on organizations that have implemented SolarWinds® solution, Network Configuration Manager (NCM).

Some of the key benefits of SolarWinds NCM that EMA found in their conversations with SolarWinds solution users.

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