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Cool Custom KPI Feature from SevOne

by NMS Admin - Last Updated: January 30, 2014

logo-sevoneWhile toying around with the SevOne performance management product the other day, I came across a really cool feature that I hadn’t noticed before. This feature allows you to create your own KPIs for monitoring, reporting, and alerting – even when those KPIs don’t exist in the MIB of the monitored device. Let me explain…

I’ve heard a number of people talk about the need to monitor voice gateways in order to reveal which PRI is getting the most/least usage. However, it may be the case that your performance management software only reports on the status of individual bearer channels and not the sum of all channels at any given time, making it difficult to monitor and alert on total PRI usage.

SevOne offers an interesting solution. The application allows you to perform math on existing metrics in order to calculate new KPIs. You can then monitor, report, and alert on these KPIs over time. In this case, I was able to sum the bearer channel statuses (each channel gets a value of 1 when busy), divide by the total number of bearer channels (23), and then multiply by 100, which produced the desired metric for PRI % usage. Pretty cool, huh?


SevOne refers to this capability as Synthetic Indicators (performing math on multiple metrics collected from a single monitored object) or Custom Calculations (performing math on multiple metrics collected from multiple objects or synthetic indicators).


SevOne delivers KPI flexibility that does not exist in other products I’ve researched. If you want to learn more about their product, we recently did a head-to-head comparison between SevOne and SolarWinds that explains capabilities in more detail.